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About US

Nanjing Roadsky Traffic Facility Co.,Ltd. (Roadsky Corporation) develops and manufactures highway guardrail and installation equipment everywhere in the world. Established in 2000 at Nanjing China, we endeavored to be the leading expert in providing highway and solar farm project solutions. Throughout the years, we pioneered development of the latest technology in road safety industry and provided technical expertise from specialized to a wider range of road construction from Road Safety, Road Marking, Road Maintenance, and Guardrail projects. 

We develop, manufacture, and supply a wide array of safety products for road, parking, construction and maintenance, which are simply structured safety products that can be operated and installed conveniently. We have been manufacturing and providing the highest quality  guardrails and installation, road marking machines and materials, road maintenance and safety products for worldwide road contractors. We take pride in our strong R&D team, and strictly controlled production process to ensure that our end products meet the standard of highways and road safety in different country. We custom-build various machineries & materials if required or based on client specification.

Most of our products are exported to more than one hundred (100) countries in Africa, North & South America including Central America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Europe, and Oceania. We have a particularly large scale export requirements for road marking and maintenance to countries in Africa, Central & South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Central Asia.

As pioneering developer and manufacturer of road construction products, Roadsky Corp., is capable of providing not only the raw materials and equipment for the production of safety products, but also the training program. Expertise training includes equipment operation and maintenance, road marking project instruction and training of workers. We can dispatch experienced workers to assist and support the work of an entire road project. If necessary, we can also engage in the transfer of technology on which our company put particular emphasis.

A professional road maintenance solutions provider, which can manufacture full range of road maintenance products and provide full technical support for road construction and safety project. Our products and services go beyond business relationship with our clients, we partner to provide and deliver all kinds of safety products with the commitment to making every road a lot safer for everyone.

As a supplier of guardrail beam, post, end terminal and guardrail accessories, we design the protective guardrails for highways and secondary roads, parking lots, factories, and warehouses. Strong R&D team and strictly controlled production process ensure that our guardrail beams meet the standard of highways and workplaces in different countries.

Besides guardrails, Roadsky also manufacture high efficient hydraulic guardrail post installation equipment. Both crawler-type and wheel-type guardrail pile driver are provided for different working conditions. Roadsky post driver can pile and extract different types of posts such as C type, U type, H type, etc. We also supply the solar pile driver for Photovoltaic Installation. As the request of customers, we also provide guardrail forming and repairing machines.